Welcome to the Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List

This site provides the best available, up-to-date information on all fishing and related vessels that appear on the illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing vessel lists published by Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs) and related organisations. The aim of the site is to improve the effectiveness of the original IUU lists as a tool for a wide variety of stakeholders to better understand and combat illegal fishing and broader fisheries crime.

To date, the following regional organisations maintain or share lists of vessels that have been found to carry out or support IUU fishing within their own or adjacent convention areas and/or species of competence:

  • Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR)
  • Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT)
  • General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM)
  • Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC)
  • International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)
  • Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC)
  • Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO)
  • North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC)
  • North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC)
  • South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (SEAFO)
  • South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO)
  • Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA)
  • Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)

The Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List merges all these sources into one list that provides a single reference point to identify whether a vessel is currently IUU listed. Vessels that have been IUU listed in the past and subsequently delisted (for example because of a change in ownership, or because the vessel is no longer in service) are also retained on the site, so that the site contains a full historic record of IUU listed fishing vessels.

Unlike the IUU lists published on individual RFMO websites, which may update vessel details infrequently or not at all, the Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List is kept up to date with the best available information regarding changes to vessel identity, flag state, ownership, location, and operations.

NB: Historically this site also included publicly available INTERPOL Purple Notices regarding fishing vessels. However, following the decision by INTERPOL to no longer make these notices public, these vessels are no longer included on this site, unless the vessel has also been IUU listed.

How to use the Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List

  • The ‘Search’ tab provides an overview of all vessels contained on the site. The default setting is on currently listed vessels listed by all RFMOs, however you can include / exclude vessels listed by particular RFMOs, and those vessels that are Currently Listed and/or Delisted, using the checkboxes.
  • Searches are run against all vessel information fields, including current and historic information. Enter any information that you wish to search against into the field provided, including vessel name, flag, callsign, IMO, registration number, owner or operator name etc.

About and User Conditions

The Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List is maintained by TMT, a Norwegian non-profit organisation that provides national fisheries authorities and international organisations with fisheries intelligence, analysis, and capacity building, targeting a reduction of illegal fishing and broader improvements in ocean governance.

The website is intended as a public service to provide an updated and consolidated real time listing of all the main RFMO and related organisation IUU fishing vessel lists.

Data is sourced from a broad range of providers, some of whom do so to support the initiative and TMT’s broader work. As such we welcome all non-commercial use of the Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List data. Use of the data by commercial entities for due diligence or similar use on a case-by-case basis is also welcomed. Re-packaging and/or reselling the data, in whole or as part of a product or commercial service, is not permitted.

Information Sources

The vessel data in the Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List is populated from TMT’s global fishing vessel database and analytical system FACT, which is continuously being updated to identify and monitor the tens of thousands of vessels in the global fishing vessel fleet and their associated companies for identity changes, operational information, and illegal activities. The information in FACT is sourced from a broad range of sources, including the original RFMO IUU lists, national fisheries authorities, international bodies, our own investigations, online vessel databases, public sources, and intelligence provided by partners and sources on the ground.

The vessels that can be found on Combined IUU Fishing website are therefore a subset of a much larger dataset of vessels that TMT aggregates information on, including historical compliance information on vessels that do not for various reason get IUU listed.

While every attempt is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up to date, this cannot be guaranteed, particularly as IUU-listed vessels tend to change identities, locations, and operations frequently to evade detection.


Information provided by users of this site is another valuable form of intelligence – if you believe that any information contained on this site is incorrect or outdated, or you have any additional information regarding vessels listed on the site, please contact us via the links provided on each page.

TMT can also be contacted for requests for information on any vessel that appears in the Combined IUU Fishing Vessel List, or any other fishing vessel or company of interest.

For more information please see www.tm-tracking.org, or contact us through the contact page.