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A British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) patrol vessel observed this vessel fishing at coordinates 07˚ 03.23’S; 71° 16.31’E and boarded vessel for inspection. BIOT authorities found gill nets and other prohibited fishing gear on board as well as over 1500kg of reef species in this vessels hull. This vessel possessed no authorisation to fish in BIOT waters and was detained as a result but fled to the high seas during escort to port. This vessel was included in the IOTC IUU list in May 2017. Vessel held India flag at the time of IUU listing and was delisted on 14 December 2018.
Fishing Vessel
Gillnets, Longline

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ICCAT Delisted 2017-07-15 Following IOTC 2019
IOTC Delisted 2017-05 Fishing without a license, use of prohibited gear and no logbook in the waters of the UK (OT) 2018-12-14

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