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This vessel was originally named FREEPORT CHIEF under an unknown flag and owner. This vessel was sold to numerous Greek owners (Spartan Shipping, Nestor Maritime Ltd and Sea Anchor Shipping Co. Ltd) while maintaining a Liberia flag between 1991-2007. This vessel was owned by companies based in the Virgin Islands between September 2008 to August 2009 until eventual Russian ownership under Kredo Investment Co LLC. The vessel held Russia flag for an unknown period and was renamed LAFAYETTE while owned by Kredo Investment Co LLC. Vessel ownership transferred to Peru based Sustainable Fishing Resources SAC alongside Peru flag transfer and name change to DAMANZAIHAO in July 2014. SPRFMO included this vessel in their 2015 IUU list for prolonged presence in the SPRFMO Area without authorisation and providing support to five authorised Peruvian trawlers according to evidence provided by Chile and Peru. SPRFMO fishing licenses were revoked for the vessel shortly after listing. Sources suggest this vessel held either Peru, Belize, or Russia flag at the time of IUU listing. After a dark period, this vessel was detained by Peru in May 2018 for operating illegally in the Peruvian EEZ and later released. DVS-R Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company with ties to Russian Dmitrii Dremliuga and Dalmoreproduct purchased this vessel from Sustainable Fishing Resources SAC in April 2018. Evidence from Oceana suggests this vessel engaged in illegal transhipment with the vessel HAI SOON 26 in July 2018, refuelled without authorisation in Balboa port, Panama in July 2018 and docked in Dalian port, China in September 2018. This vessel renamed to VLADIVOSTOK 2000 in February 2019 and later gained authorisation to fish Mackerel and Sardines in the NPFC Convention area for the duration of 2019 and 2020. This vessel held Moldova, Russia, and Peru flags during fishing activities in the NPFC Area. SPRFMO delisted this vessel on 14 February 2020. However, this vessel was cross listed by SIOFA in 2019 and remains on the SIOFA IUU list.
Fishing Vessel, Fish factory ship
49367.000, 49366.990
Tsurimi Shipyard, Yokohama, Japan, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, Yokohama
Pacific Marine Trawlers Company Limited
Russia / Sea Of Okhotsk
In Service/commission

Commercial History

Name History

From To Name
2019-02-05 VLADIVOSTOK 2000
2014-08 2019-02-05 DAMANZAIHAO
2009-08-01 2014-08 LAFAYETTE
2007-06-01 2009-08-01 VEMACAPE
1991-01-01 2007-06-01 PROTANK ORINOCO
1990-01-01 1991-01-01 DORSETSHIRE
1980-01-01 1990-01-01 FREEPORT CHIEF
2019-07-26 LAFYETTE
2019-07-26 VEMCAPE

Flag History

From To Flag
2019-07-13 Russia
2019-02-05 Moldova
2014-11-12 Belize
2014-08 Peru
2014-07 2014-08 Mongolia
2008-09-01 Russia
2008-09 2008-09-01 Dominica
2007-06-01 2008-09 Malta
1991-01-01 2007-06-01 Liberia
1991-01-01 Bahamas

Owner History

From To Owner
2023-05-23 Pacific Marine Trawlers Company Limited
2018-04 2023-05-23 DVS-R Pte Ltd
2014-07 2018-04 Sustainable Fishing Resources SAC
2009-08 2014-07 Kredo Investment Co LLC
2008-12 2009-08 Premium Choice Group Ltd
2008-09 2008-12 Pioneer Logistics Ltd
2007-06 2008-09 Sea Anchor Shipping Inc, Sea Anchor Shipping Co. Ltd
1996-09 2007-06 Nestor Maritime Ltd
1991 1996-09 Spartan Shipping
1991 Bibby Bulk/Britain Steamship

Operator History

From To Operator
2018-04 DVS-R Pte Ltd
2018-04 Kredo Investment Co LLC
2018-04 Sustainable Fishing Resources SAC

IRCS History

From To IRCS
2019-07-13 UBES7
2014-11-12 V3TT3
2014-11-12 UDFI

National Reg No

From To Reg.No
2019-07-26 200661816

RFMO History

RFMO Status Date listed Reason Delisted Delisted Reason
SIOFA Delisted 2019 Cross-listing 2020
SPRFMO Delisted 2015-02-06 Prolonged presence in the SPRFMO Area without authorisation and providing support to five authorised Peruvian trawlers 2020-02-14

Last position

Last observed: 2023-12-08

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