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This vessel was originally Russia owned, operated and flagged from 1979-1995 using the name RODINA. Between 1995-2004, this vessel was flagged to multiple countries, including Panama, Comoros and Equatorial Guinea, however exact dates are unclear. Throughout this period, this vessel was named MARINE OCEAN and owned by Marine Ocean Shipping SA. This vessel was included in the IOTC IUU list on 3 June 2005 under the name OCEAN LIBERTY. Vessel renamed to GLORIOUS HARMONY, reflagged to Thailand, transferred ownership to Thai Tuna Fishing Co Ltd and was subsequently delisted. This vessel regained IOTC authorisation in August 2005 and its last known flag was Equatorial Guinea in July 2007.
Ocean Liberty
Fishing Vessel
Purse seine
Equatorial Guinea
Gdansk, Stocznia Polnocna SA (Northern Shipyard), Poland
Interocean TSM Holdings Pte Ltd; Marine Ocean Shipping SA
International Fishing Corp Pte Ltd
Broken Up

Commercial History

Name History

From To Name
2004-10-29 2005-08-01 OCEAN LIBERTY
1995-07-04 2004-10-29 MARINE OCEAN
1995-01-01 1995-07-04 SEA RUBY I
1995-01-01 RODINA

Flag History

From To Flag
2007-07-01 Equatorial Guinea
2005-08-01 Thailand
1999-10 2005-08-01 Belize
2004-10-29 1999-10 Comoros
2004-10-29 Equatorial Guinea
1999-10 2004-09 Belize
1995-07-04 1995 Panama
1992-01-13 1995-07-04 Russia
1992-01-13 USSR

Owner History

From To Owner
1995-07 Marine Ocean Shipping SA
Interocean TSM Holdings Pte Ltd
2005-08-01 THAI TUNA FISHING Co., Ltd.
1992 1995-07 Kaliningradskaya Rybopromyshlennaya Kompaniya Tralovogo Flota ('Tralflot' AO)
1992 Zapryba

Operator History

From To Operator
2005-08-01 International Fishing Corp Pte Ltd
2005-08-01 TS Marine Pte Ltd

IRCS History

From To IRCS
2005-08-01 HSB3334
1999-12-06 V3AH3
1995-07-04 1999-12-06 3FHS5
1995-07-04 UQUD

National Reg No

From To Reg.No

RFMO History

RFMO Status Date listed Reason Delisted Delisted Reason
IOTC Delisted 2005-06-03 Contravention of IOTC Resolution 02/04 2006-05-26

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