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Vessel was owned by Malik Shipping AS from 1991 to 2000 whilst flagged to Denmark and Norway. Vessel also reflagged to Greenland in 1997 under the name POLAR PRINCESS II. A New Zealand Air Force surveillance patrol over the Ross Sea detected this vessel operating within the CCAMLR Area south of New Zealand and later in Australia’s EEZ around Macquarie Island. The information was passed to CCAMLR and the Australians, and the vessel was subsequently intercepted and arrested. Vessel was included in the CCAMLR IUU list on 4 November 2005 as a result. Vessel held 3 flags in 2005 (Greenland, Panama, and Cambodia) and 3 names (POLAR SAATTUAQ, SORA and TARUMAN). Vessel reflagged to North Korea whilst IUU listed in November 2008 and reportedly broken up a month later. Vessel was delisted on 23 October 2009.
Fishing Vessel, Stern Trawler
Trawl unspecified
North Korea
Sovik, Aker Yards As Soviknes, Norway
Rulfend Corp SA
Manuel Barros Rivadulla
Broken Up

Commercial History

Name History

From To Name
2005-11-04 SORA
2000-05-29 2005 POLAR SAATTUAQ
1991-11 2000-05-29 POLAR PRINCESS II
1986 1991-11 SIMIUTAQ

Flag History

From To Flag
2008-11 North Korea
2005-09-10 2008-11 Cambodia
2005-02-05 2005-09-10 Panama
1997-09 2005-02-05 Greenland
1995-12 1997-09 Denmark
1986-12-31 1995-12 Norway

Owner History

From To Owner
2005 Rulfend Corp SA
2000 2005 Saattuaq AS
1991-11-28 2000 Polar Princess AS
1991-11-28 Royal Greenland Fisheries & Supplies (Royal Greenland Fiskeri & Forsyning)

Operator History

From To Operator
2005 Manuel Barros Rivadulla
2000 2005 Aksel Iversen ApS
2000 Malik Shipping AS

IRCS History

From To IRCS
2005-11-04 XUGW9
2005-02-05 2005-11-04 3EAA2
2005-02-05 OWTI

National Reg No

From To Reg.No

RFMO History

RFMO Status Date listed Reason Delisted Delisted Reason
SEAFO Delisted 2007-10-31 2009-10-23
CCAMLR Delisted 2005-11-04 Fishing inside Subarea 88.1 2009-10-23

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